New musicians and plenty of veterans tend to have one common hiccup: the recording is done, the single is ready to be released and the EP or LP sounds awesome throughout… Now what?Here’s where the overall strategy of creating successful careers in music turn from art to business with marketing […]

Budget, Promote and Hire for Successful Careers in Music

Every songwriter, whether experienced or not, should be constantly practicing their craft. But how exactly do you practice songwriting and what are the best songwriting exercises? Well, by writing songs of course! Regardless of any advice you receive from anyone, simply picking up your instrument of choice and getting down […]

Songwriting Exercises You Can Start Today

There’s no place to lose yourself in the indie band scene than New York City. The sheer amount of people squashed into this metropolis means you’ll have all kinds of talent, levels of creativity, and perhaps some truly revolutionary acts scratching around the underground. NYC’s small music venues make for […]

5 Places to See an Indie Band in Brooklyn

In the musical career of a guitar player, the urge to create your own complete compositions – as opposed to shining in your own particular instrumental light – will take hold. Many guitarists and other instrumentalists wrongly believe there are two types – songwriters and players. But, with the right […]

Five Songwriting Tips for a Guitar Player

Ahh, the glamor of Broadway. For decades the various theaters located in this part of New York City have brought the greatest musicals known to man to captivated audiences of all ages, creeds, and persuasions. For children, the selections are just as robust as stories new and old are being […]

Broadway Musicals that are Great for Kids

How to Find Band Members
You’ve decided that you want to start your own band. The dream of playing in front of a screaming audience is one all musicians share, but there’s only one question – how do you find the right individuals to help you realize your vision? People start bands in all kinds […]

How to Find Band Members

Have you ever heard rocking tunes creeping through the subway corridors, inspiring fans to give money and groove out? That’s New York City’s thriving underground music scene taking advantage of the millions of commuters who use the subway every day! But that doesn’t mean all subway musicians are of equal […]

The Five Best NYC Subway Musicians You Have to Find

best NYC Jazz clubs
It’s well known that in terms of music venues, New York is a jungle. For decades music genres have formed and flowered throughout the world, with roots in the Big Apple. That’s in large part because for every genre, there are tons of places to play. Jazz in large part […]

The Seven Best Jazz Clubs in NYC

best drum solos of all time 1
The drum solo is where the dance of drama and timing take place. When all the other players give them space, the drummer can step into a place to express a truly novel form of musical expression through percussion. But not all drum solos are created equal. That’s why we’ve […]

The 10 Best Drum Solos of All Time

best winter concerts in nyc
Music in New York City is as pervasive as the asphalt that makes the roads. With so many venues to choose from, you would be hard pressed not to find something that suits your tastes in this city. For this article, we’re going to take a look at exciting winter […]

Five Best 2018 NYC Winter Concerts NOT to Miss

The Three Best Independent New York City Music Labels
New York has been a music mecca for decades. From big name acts and mainstays to the hottest indie and underground music scene this side of the Mississippi, New York City has been THE place to be for the recording industry since the radio age. We’ve decided to compile a […]

The Three Best Independent New York City Music Labels

best guitar solos of all time
Ahh, the guitar solo. The key element in any raging rock tune, the guitar solo is the most compact and often most dramatic part of a song. Each and every professional guitar player has their own particular approach and character, which means no two solos sound the same. But not […]

The Five Best Guitar Solos of All Time

Have you ever recorded a song and just know that something sounds a little off? It may not be that the single is necessarily bad, but there is definitely an element that’s lacking – one that keeps your song from sounding truly professional. Now, if you are in this bind, […]

How You Can Make Your Songs Sound as Professional as ...

Best NYC live Music Neighborhoods If you’re someone who loves live music, New York is a veritable heaven. From all the legendary spots with reputations decades in the making, to the tiny haunts serving up the best of the local scene, there’s no place like the Big Apple for live […]

3 Best NYC Neighborhoods for Live Music

How to play double bass pedal
Double Bass – A Quick and Definitive Guide Double bass is a staple in lots of metal music, and is one part of a larger arsenal of tools a drummer can use to create dynamic and novel rhythm patterns. But, using double bass requires lots of practice. It’s one part […]

Learn How to Play Double Bass Drum

As the city that never sleeps, New York City is a place defined by its nightlife. With world-class clubs—definitive destinations for all manner of acts—often closing late, it can be tough to find a place for a great post-show meal. As musicians ourselves, we have some experience navigating the late […]

Best Late Night Restaurants for After a Show in NYC

We get it. Having a day job is a part of life, but as a musician you’re always balancing the dream gig with the one that’ll pay the bills. Unfortunately, the second part is the one we hate the most but is often required for us to continue on our […]

The Definitive Guide for How to Have a Day Job ...