5 Networking Essentials for Music Producers

If you are trying to become a successful music producer you need to know an ecosystem of partners involved in the whole production chain. Therefore networking essentials are crucial. While it may be a little old fashioned to actually knock doors in the traditional way, given how digital everything is nowadays, the principles have not changed very much over the many hundreds of centuries of human life on this planet. As our online profiles, identities and avatars are probably the most convenient way we have to contact people, they are used more and more. In the following post we look at some of the best ways to promote yourself and network your role as a producer to help get a name for yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Adventurous

Thanks to social media, the once seemingly big and wide world feels relatively smaller with producers, artists and anyone else within the industry clicks away. Go on a musical voyage to places like Soundcloud and Facebook and contact people if you hear things you like. You could maybe write them a small message or email if you are interested in their sound or leave a comment on their Soundcloud page. The majority of artists and producers will reply to messages and are always excited to be speaking about their music to people that are interested.

Quality Of Messages Over The Quantity

In order to get love for your own music and productions that you share online, you need to show love for others. Be sure to listen to full tracks and mixes of songs by artists and labels you like and converse with them about what you learned about them from listening. Avoid just going through profiles in a methodical way and just liking everything indiscriminately. It means more if you spend some time and really listen, giving worthwhile comments.

Networking Essentials #1- Be Helpful

Think about ways you can help people you have met when networking. Whether you actually can help the or not, is not a problem, as you may be able to refer them to someone who can help them out. Even if you can’t offer them any help, you can continue to support them by following and liking their updates and releases. Maybe you have resources or talents that can be of use to them and eventually this will lead to someone in your network of new friends being able to help you with something.

Be A Real Person, A Real Friend

It’s never a good idea to just talk shop all the time. Treat the people you meet as new friends and as more than just people you need for their technical know-how etc. They will have different views and ideas on existence, values, beliefs and moods. Take the time to see if you share the same views as them and perhaps you will feed off each other and be able to improve your skills and approach to music production in the process.

Be Consistently Persistent

Networking is not quite as easy as you may think and it really never has been. Some people however find it easier than others. But in every scenario, it does take some time. Be sure to stay in contact with your new contacts, contacting them regularly and listening to what they are doing and supporting them in whatever way you can. Eventually the laws of reciprocity will come into play and they will follow your path too. Both your fan base and theirs will grow.

To summarize the above, it is important to stay as active and communicative as possible, making connections with producers, artists and other people who share the same passions and ideas as yourself. Sign up and make profiles for the most common and popular social network sites such as Facebook, Sound Clouddd, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest, being sure to comment on posts and take part in discussions. Be sure to be as helpful, encouraging and above all else, as friendly as you possibly can. When you help people out, they will be more inclined to help you out, as to be successful in an industry such as the music business you have to be known by people.

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