A Guide to Guitar Effects Pedals [Infographic] | IGPA

IGPA, International Guitar Player Association

Sourced through Scoop.it from: igpa.org

Back over 15 years ago when I started playing guitar, I have to admit, one thing that always confused and scared me a little was pedals. I knew I needed a few, but how to get them to sound as awesome as they did in demos, or to choose the right ones for the sound I was trying to replicate was something that eluded me for some time. I basically ended up taking a bunch of stabs in the dark and ending up with some seriously clown shoe pedals that sounded like a wet cat.


The friendly folks over at http://igpa.org/, an organization you should totally check out, created a handy infographic which breaks down the different types of pedals and their application. 


Check out the infographic below and check out the

original post here.


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