A Guide to Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar Effects pedal for Beginners

15 years ago I started playing guitar. I have to admit, back then, the one thing that always confused and scared me a little were guitar effects pedals and how to put them together. But, I knew I needed to use them. With that being said, how was I supposed to get them sounding as awesome as they did in demos. I needed a guide for choosing the right ones for the sound I was trying to replicate. That was something that eluded me for some time. I basically wound up taking a bunch of stabs in the dark. Unfortunately, I ended up with some seriously clown shoe pedals sounding like a wet cat and not in a good way.

Fortunately for you, There is the internet with a wealth of knowledge just mere clicks away. Sites like YouTube as well as a random Google search will give you all the knowledge for which you could ask.

Websites with Info on Effects Pedals

Here are just a few sites we found for assorted guitar effects pedals just by by doing just a basic search…

From the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media or AIMM. Atlanta has been killing it the last few years in all kinds of media. This site offers many different classes in all kinds of media.
The Ultimate Guide To Guitar Pedals | Guitar Pedal Beginner Guide
The group at Sweetwater put together a very informative list for all the newbies out there. The best part, if you find a pedal you like, you can purchase it right from their site.
Guitar Pedal Buying Guide
Spartan Music, based in the UK, very kindly supplies a very comprehensive list.
For Beginners – Full List of Guitar Pedals & Effects
Even Wikipedia has a great article on pedal effects and how to best use them.
Wikipedia – Effects unit

Videos about Effects Pedals

As we mentioned earlier, YouTube has so many videos to explore regarding this topic. You’ll come away with so much knowledge, people will think you’re a pro! Here’s just a few…

From Pick Up Music


Mykola MrHardGuitar – Guitar Reviews And Lessons

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