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The Three Best Music Marketing Tools

Getting the word out there can sometimes feel like a wasted effort. With how quickly social media moves and the difficulty of getting people’s attention online, promoting your band can resemble throwing a stuffed animal at the wall hoping it will stick.

But that does not mean there is no hope. With advances in technology, tools now exist that can help get the message to your followers and new fans for shows, new releases, and more.

Take a look at this list of the three best band music marketing tools anyone can use. Have you used something different? Leave a comment below!

Facebook and Instagram

Almost everyone is on Facebook and Instagram. Many musicians will complain about how the social media landscape is a jungle difficult to navigate, but using it correctly can mean all the difference for your band.

First and foremost, proper use of social media is important. The algorithms are now geared toward showing relative content to its users, so the way you word messages – and perhaps more importantly, the frequency of messages – can either give you more or less exposure.

The other way social media can be effective music marketing tools, through paid advertising. While it may be hard to dish up money to promote that next show or new release, the social media site now gives premier preference to paid advertising.

You can also cater your ad for specific audiences, and for specific times. That means the price can fluctuate significantly – but with the right ad for the right audience, you could really get a big bang for your buck.

Mailing Lists

While on first mention email may seem outdated, the opposite is true – more millennials are using email to communicate than ever before.

With a mailing list, you achieve two major objectives to marketing – having fans opt in to being contacted, and reaching a reliable number of people each time.

Costs vary widely with this method. Some services like MailChimp, Emma and Constant Contact can be expensive, but prove to be extremely effective tools for email marketing. You can also go through the old-fashioned paper and pen method, where you collect email addresses at shows – either way email lists are nothing to frown upon.


This relatively new tool is becoming increasingly important for independent artists to promote their music. Since famous acts are not promoted here, it allows your music to work on an even playing field with other musicians.

OurStage is free to use, and allows you to make an artist page where you can post content including music, videos, and pictures. Also, if you are able to get enough fans to vote for your music, it will show up in feeds in front of new fans.

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