The Three Best Independent New York City Music Labels

The Three Best Independent New York City Music Labels

New York has been a music mecca for decades. From big name acts and mainstays to the hottest indie and underground music scene this side of the Mississippi, New York City has been THE place to be for the recording industry since the radio age.

We’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite NYC-based indie labels, with a focus on up-and-coming companies doing exciting things.

1.  Matador Records

Started in Chris Lombardi’s apartment in 1989, Matador Records has been the incubator for such big-name indie artists as Cat Power, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, and more. Having stayed true to their indie roots, Matador has consistently been the delivery mechanism of high-quality, high-art music for decades.

2.  DFA Records

As the label that unleashed LCD Soundsystem onto the world stage, DFA Records is often called “the little record label that could.” Having grown from a small-time operation to a bustling powerhouse for artists such as Guerilla Toss and Factory Floor, DFA has been an integral part of shaping the NYC music scene for years.

3.  Fool’s Gold Records

Run from a humble storefront in Williamsburg, Fool’s Gold is the label that has represented Kid Cudi, Run the Jewels, and a host of other hip-hop artists. In terms of underground hip hop, there is almost no other name as real as Fool’s Gold.

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