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Best Late Night Restaurants for After a Show in NYC

New York City is the city that never sleeps and is a place defined by its nightlife. There are world-class clubs anddefinitive destinations for all manner of acts which often closing late. That being said, it can be tough to find a place for a great post-show meal. As musicians ourselves, we have some experience finding late night restaurants. We know options can be limited. However, there are several places that we believe you should know about, especially when considering cost after all the drinks from the club.

We’ve got a list of the best late-night post-show eats in town, great for bands refueling after a gig, and fans who want a complete experience from the New York music scene. Which one is your favorite? Or, did we miss any good spots? Comment below!

1. Guadalupe Inn

Guadalupe Inn is a reasonably-priced Mexican-style haunt serving some of the best burritos in the city. Right around the corner from multi-level club Elsewhere, is another benefit.

Guadalupe Inn has a full cocktail menu as well as beer and wine. With a particular focus on quality, this is great spot for a quick bite at the bar or a more intimate affair at a table. Guadalupe Inn is open until 12 a.m. That makes it a quality spot for food after an early weeknight show.

(718) 366 0500

2. Veselka

Veselka’s got you covered literally any hour of the night if you are craving Ukrainian food.

It’s an extremely reasonably priced 24-hour diner. Also, It’s a place you can get truly authentic borscht and mouth-watering pierogies after playing a gig or attending a show. If you want to explore the food of a culture often overlooked, especially after a few drinks at the show, we highly suggest Veselka!

144 2ND AVENUE  NEW YORK  NY 10003  (212) 228 9682

3. Katz’ Delicatessen

Everybody loves a great sandwich. Katz’ has been a mainstay for the night crowd of NYC for years. They’re classic pastrami on rye is a mainstay, it’s known. However, tuna salad, chicken salad, or any other type of deli food is also available and equally tasty.

Don’t worry, Katz’ also has tons of breakfast options. Stop by Katz’ anytime after hours when you need a carb load after a night of drinking. Then again, perhaps you’re craving something different like a pastrami omelette. Also, you’ll meet tons of interesting people, as this has been a late night destination for decades.

205 E HOUSTON STREET  NEW YORK NY 10002 (212) 254 2246

4. Odessa

This is considered the diner of the East Village, so if you’re up in that part of town, stop by Odessa at any hour. Not only a late night restaurant, they’re open 24/7. Don’t miss out on their truly legendary breakfast offerings.

Odessa is also known as having some of the best pierogies in the city, we think. Odessa could be your next favorite spot if you’re a foodie and want to try reputation-worthy Ukrainian fare.

119 AVENUE A  NEW YORK  NY 10009 (212) 253 1482

5. Corner Bistro

Where else can you get a truly legendary burger for under $10? At Corner Bistro in the West Village, that’s where.

This is a great place for someone looking for simple eats at great prices. Truly a traditional-style pub, you can grab a beer and awesome bar food all night. You can eat here to either soak up the alcohol before heading to bed, or refuel for whatever the night will bring.

331 WEST 4TH STREET  NEW YORK NY 10014  (212) 242 9502

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