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Best Live Music NYC: Indie Venues You Have To Check Out

Best Live Music NYC: Best Indie Venues

Besides having an abundance of venues, stadiums and clubs to visit and perform on, NY is more than a stage for great acts it is also a birthplace for new talent. All over the city, we find an entire host of talented artist bringing life back to the big apple. These musicians have honed their craft here and giving listeners something to get excited about. Here is Rivingtons music list of the best live music in NYC.

Jalopy Theatre and School of Music


When visiting the Jalopy Theater and School of music, you will feel like you’ve been sent off to a cabin in the woods, or secret venue hidden from the world. The Owners Geoff and Lynette wanted it to feel as close to a handmade home as possible. They have acts like the steamboats who are an ensemble of singer/picker/songwriters with soaring vocals harmonized, be sure to check out their EP.
Jalopy has another artist that performs by the name of Hilary Hawke, a banjo playing expert with a talent for other instruments. She writes and collaborates with many NY Bands like M Shanghai Stringboard Dubl Handi, Hilary Hawke & the Flipsides. And the Me Oh My Ohs.


East Williamsburg’s Shea Stadium founded by Brooklyn Punk band So So Glos and Producer by the name of Adam Reich. This place caters to all types of alternative sounds. There are no signs and no indication of where to go, but stay vigilant and you will find your way. You can stop by to see bands like Howth, Caged animals and Deer a horse.


Half bar and half performance space in the South Slope section of Brooklyn you will find Barbès, a neighborhood gem that also functions as a community center. The owners are passionate French musicians that focus on cultural variety, and a knack for great malt scotches. The performance varies from music to readings to film screens. Audiences can hope to witness artist like Big Lazy; an NYC instrument Trio known as the ‘The Big Apple’s Creme de la Creme’, or maybe catch High-level Mexican band ‘BANDA DE LOS MUERTOS.


Saint Vitus is New York’s best place to see a broad range of Rock music of all kinds, from industrial, to psych rock, to black metal, to punk. Everyone had known before the Greenpoint venue opened there were no good metal bars in Brooklyn. Fortunately, Saint Vitus deff got the job done. Did you know? After Nirvana had got back together following the Rock foremost N Roll Hall of Fame, they decided to play their show here. Awesome right?!

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