The Five Best NYC Subway Musicians You Have to Find

Have you ever heard rocking tunes creeping through the subway corridors, inspiring fans to give money and groove out? That’s New York City’s thriving underground music scene taking advantage of the millions of commuters who use the subway every day!

But that doesn’t mean all subway musicians are of equal impact. Some take the idea of mobile musical entertainment to an extent that leaves you imagining whether their music would work in any other format.

We’ve put together a list of the five best New York City subway acts you can catch, most days of the week. Also, check out the videos – have you seen some of these musical acts before?

Funky Chops

These guys are one of the best things to catch in NYC’s cavernous underbelly. They take all the funk classics (their version of “Funky Town” is what they play in the video) often to massive congregating audiences.

The Meetles

As their name would suggest, The Meetles are a Beatles cover band. They do mashups of famous Beatles songs, and if you’ve had a chance to catch their sets they really do get the crowd moving!

Too Many Zooz

A horn-forward band complete with percussion, Too Many Zooz performs all types of covers both funk and otherwise, all with a focus on funkifying anything and everything in close proximity.

Street Mule

Can you imagine didgeridoo, percussion, and cajon all performed at once? Street Mule performs weekly around the city with an endearing mix of Caribbean and African music that any fan of other cultures’ music can’t help but appreciate.


Wrestling masks and electronic music have never gone so good together. These guys from Mexico create insanely catchy electronic music in open-air and underground venues that draw large dancing crowds.

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