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Free Guitar Tabs Resources for Beginners

For any guitar player just starting out in his or her craft, it’s crucial to find good resources to help find new songs to play and learn. Playing scales all day isn’t much fun. One should never underestimate the importance of fun when it comes to learning a new instrument. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you won’t practice often. If you don’t practice often your skills will never advance to the point that you want. Maybe you’ve learned a few basic chords so you’re ready to learn your first songs. Perhaps you’ve learned a few songs and need to graduate to something more challenging. We’ve rounded up our favorite beginner online resources for guitar tabs to help you take your playing to the next level.

What are guitar tabs?

Guitar tab, short for tablature, is the written language of the guitar. The guitar tab has six lines, representing the guitar’s six strings. Meanwhile, numbers on the lines tell you on which fret the note will be played. The straightforward visual representation makes tablature much easier to learn and follow than traditional methods of reading music. Newbies to the world of playing music can learn new songs very quickly reading tabs without needing to invest the energy required to sight read music traditionally.

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The best resource we’ve found on how to read guitar tablature is this article on It explains the basics. How to interpret the numbers to see which fret to place your finger on and understanding the tab staff. This article will guide you, from the basic elements of tablature reading to the more complicated tab notations.

Getting started with tabs

Now that you can read guitar tabs, it’s time to find them then turn them into music. For absolute beginners, we recommend the “Guitar Tabs for Beginners” page of the National Guitar Academy’s website. This article demonstrates how to break down a song and begin by learning one popular riff from a common song. The author gives advice on how to handle potentially tricky parts. They recommend starting slow, gradually increasing the speed as you grow more comfortable with the melody and develop muscle memory.

The instructor even provides videos o the site. These offer additional visual aids helping you work towards the mastery of the easy rock guitar tabs provided.

Finding guitar tabs free for all levels

The National Guitar Academy will guide you through 20 easy guitar tabs to get you started. It’s crucial to take things slow. Avoid becoming frustrated when your skills don’t progress as fast as you’d like. That being said, once you’re ready to branch out, we recommend They have a massive catalog of guitar tabs for beginners, intermediate players and experts alike. Unfortunately, it’s not free, but you can sign up for a free trial and decide if it’s worth the money to you.

For a free guitar tab resource with beginner guitar songs and beyond, check out It features an interactive player making it easy to follow along. The paid version offers additional cool features like an adjustable tempo, but the free version has plenty of music to get you started.

Practice with these resources and you’ll hit your guitar playing goals in no time. Soon enough you’ll be learning how to write guitar tabs and find out how cool it is to create guitar tabs for your own music!

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