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Helpful Resources for Drum Teachers

Our Favorite Free Resources for Drum Teachers

Giving drum lessons is an exciting and rewarding activity, whether you’re teaching professionally, just earning a little extra cash on the side, or simply trying to inspire the next generation of drummers.

It can also be a difficult task. Knowing how to play the drums yourself is obviously essential to being able to teach them, but it’s certainly not the only requirement. Learn how to go from excellent drummer to awesome drum teacher with a little help from great resources all over the internet.

Free Drum Sheet Music

Whether you need to know how to teach beginner drum lessons or you’re already giving advanced classes, drum sheet music is an essential part of the coursework. You’ll go through a lot of sheet music over the course of your drum classes! You need to make sure that you’re finding songs your students will enjoy (based on their ability) and that as soon as you’ve finished working on one song, you have another one ready to go. For this, most drum teachers turn to websites like OnlineDrummer.com, where you’ll find an extensive library of professionally notated drum sheet music available for a few bucks per download.

Other sites offer free alternatives, such as VirtualDrumming.com, and TheDrumNinja.com. Take a look at all the websites you can find to build up a library of sheet music that you’ll always have ready to go for your students.

Drum Teacher Resource Websites

As with any discipline, you can learn a lot from other professionals in the same field. The internet is full of websites geared toward drum students and drum teachers alike. Spend some time watching drum lesson videos on websites like FreeDrumLessons.com or Drumeo.com. If you’re finding that one or more of your students are struggling with a certain technique, see how these online instructors are explaining it and incorporate some of their ideas into your classes.

Here’s a list of our favorite sites:

YouTube is an Amazing Resource for Drummers

Incorporating some audio-visual aids helps make your classes interesting and engaging. Lucky for you, the ubiquitous video-sharing website YouTube has a whole host of videos that can help supplement your classes. During class, drum instructors can pull up YouTube videos that demonstrate techniques they’re trying to teach.

Check out this video from Drumeo that helps to teach gamification of your drum lessons.

Resources for Drum Students

It’s also an excellent tool for inspiring students. Great drumming lessons for beginners will not just teach the basics of the skill, but also inspire and empower students to keep at it. Be sure to mix it up and occasionally spend some time watching cool videos of drum solo compilations or amazing performances by your (or your student’s) favorite drummers. This will help show your student what’s possible with a lot of time and hard work.

You can even make your own videos and put them up on YouTube. Assign a video or two to your students for homework in between classes to get them practicing and to remind them of tips you covered during class, helping them to stay on track even when you’re not physically there. And if other people stumble upon your videos, it could wind up being great free advertising for your drumming classes!

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