How to Find Band Members

How to Find Band Members

You’ve decided that you want to start your own band. The dream of playing in front of a screaming audience is one all musicians share, but there’s only one question – how do you find the right individuals to help you realize your vision?

People start bands in all kinds of ways. The important considerations are whether you are looking for active contributors or people to help realize your vision, whether you want to start a band with your friends, or find complete strangers to branch out.

Ask Around

The most obvious way is looking around at the people in your life who also want to start a band. Asking around in already-established social circles is perhaps the most common way of finding like-minded people, but that’s not the only way.

Networking at Shows

Going to shows is a great opportunity to find musicians. Along with playing and creating, performances are typically a kind of watering hole for players who are looking for their own creative inspiration.

Especially if you are looking to create a band with a specific sound, finding like-minded individuals at shows is a great way to at least establish that someone is into the same genres as you are.

Open Mics

Open mics are also a great opportunity to find musicians who are not currently in bands. Many musicians who play open mics are often playing solo, and using open mics to showcase their talents. That means you can bet that singer-songwriter playing solo on the stage is available for collaborations.

Surf The Web

Another exciting way to find musicians is through community board services like Craigslist. You can put up a description of the type of band you want to create, and wait to see who responds. This is especially a great way to recruit members if you’re looking for a specific sound.

Using services like Craigslist are also exciting because they offer a chance for you to expand your creative network with people you don’t know – that means you could develop new friends or learn from something completely new.

But one thing all these methods is missing is being able to hear how someone plays firsthand. One thing common among musicians is hanging out at music stores – here, you are able to hear how someone plays, and wonder if that type of skill is something you’d like to collaborate with.

Consider Music Workshops

Something else to consider is music workshops. Workshops focused around learning a specific musical skill or genre will certainly only be filled with musicians, which means you have tons of options for who to approach about starting a new band.

Lastly, technology and social media are quickly becoming the most popular way for musicians to create bands. Posting on Facebook or Instagram allows your request to be found by thousands of people.

There’s an App for That

Additionally, apps and websites such as Bandmix allows you to create a profile that displays your desires, influences, and more to find the right people to start a band with.

Have you tried one of these methods for starting a band? Do you have any other tips for how to find members for your new band? Comment below!

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