How to play double bass pedal

Learn How to Play Double Bass Drum

Double Bass – A Quick and Definitive Guide

Double bass is a staple in lots of metal music, and is one part of a larger arsenal of tools a drummer can use to create dynamic and novel rhythm patterns.

But, using double bass requires lots of practice. It’s one part of an extended drum set that requires lots of control and tons of practice to obtain that control.

We’ve brought together several resources that will be helpful in terms of building your own particular practice regimen. With these videos and articles, you’ll be on your way to incorporating double bass in your sound like a pro.

Making Music – Beginner’s Guide to Double Bass Drum Pedal

This article on Making Music Magazine is an incredible overview of not only the history of double bass pedals—interestingly enough the double bass has beginnings in jazz!—but gives you several helpful tips for developing your practice, using exercise to increase stamina, and more.


Drumeo is an incredible resource on YouTube for drummers. Loaded with instructional videos for all skill levels, you’ll definitely learn something from these guys.

Linked here is a video for the heel-toe technique, which is extremely valuable for not only bass drumming at large, but double bass drumming in particular.

Greenbrier Music How To: Setting Up Your Double Bass Pedal for Drum Sets w/ Stephen Whitesides

Greenbrier Music is a revered drum shop, and their instructional videos are top-notch for all kinds of how-to’s.

This video explores how to properly set up a double bass pedal on your bass drum rim. A proper set-up is crucial to being able to play effectively, so watch closely and learn from a master!

Why Would You Need a Double Kick Drum Pedal?

This article from Dawsons can help someone answer the question of why you may want a double bass pedal. This article takes time to explore the history, and gives the reader some critical questions to ask themselves about whether they should take the leap into double-bass drumming.

10 Songs to Fuel Your Double Bass Obsession

This article from Alternative Press is great for giving real-world examples of incredible double-bass playing.

Whether you’re into bands like Bullet for My Valentine and Phinehas or not, all these songs are opportunities for intensive study on how to properly use double bass. For any beginner of the art, seeing the instrument’s application in the real world is everything to learning how to properly use it.

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