How to Play Fast Blues Licks on Guitar Like Stevie Ray Vaughan

How to Play Fast Blues Licks on Guitar

More blues licks Check them out at their website


Ever want to learn how to play fret burning fast licks like Stevie Ray, and Joe Bonamassa? We’ll if you’ve been practicing your scales like good little boys and girls, this video tutorial is for you. Marty Schwartz and his Gibson ES-335 take you through how to play like a blues great who drank a ton of “coffee”. Incidentally Marty picked up that beautiful guitar at 30th Street Guitars here in NYC. They recently moved so check out their site for the new address.

The most refreshing part of Marty’s approach to teaching guitar in  in my opinion is how he states around the 6 min mark that it’s not just about exactly replicating some cool solo you heard, really it’s about developing your own way of playing. The chorus here is practice practice practice. Speaking of practice, if you need a place to practice your fast blues licks, has amazing rates on solo musician rooms.

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