How to Promote Your Music & Band Successfully on the Internet

How to Promote Your Music & Band Successfully on the Internet

Making music is a great way to exercise your passions and express creativity. Creating original songs takes talent, originality and lots of practice and hard work — but if you ever want other people to hear your music, the job doesn’t end there.

You don’t need to hire an agent or a publicist just yet. All you need to do is create a band marketing plan and use the tools available on the internet for free to get the word out about your music. With some internet savvy and creativity, you can achieve great results on your own, spending little to no money. Read on for band promotion ideas and our tips on how to promote your music successfully on the internet.

Make Friends with Social Media

Social media is one of the biggest tools we have to share information, discover new things, and spread the word about what’s important to us. No matter what you’re trying to market, you can’t do it successfully without having a presence on social media. But it’s also necessary to make your social pages stand out from the deluge of all the other bands, publications, products and services being advertised on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Modern marketing experts say that the best way to make your social media pages pop is to make them personal. Constantly tweeting out links to purchase your album won’t attract anyone’s attention or get them intrigued by your sound. But sharing interesting or funny personal anecdotes, photos, and insights into your artistic process can intrigue a potential audience. Keep relevant links and information on your music prominently displayed on your profile, but don’t worry about making each and every post a direct advertisement.

Creative Covers

People may be hesitant to invest time in listening to an artist they’ve never heard of, but they’ll be much more likely to show interest in a song they already know. One of the most effective band promotion ideas is recording covers that people will love. Post your original music online, but don’t be afraid to add a few cover songs into the mix. A creative version of a song that represents your musical influences can be a great way to draw people in to your repertoire. Record fun videos of your cover songs and post them to YouTube where they can be easily shared, along with your original songs where people can easily find them if they want to hear more.

What Websites to Publish Music On

There are many websites that allow you to publish and share your music — it’s important to choose the best ones. Don’t waste your time with sites that aren’t user-friendly and well-trafficked. Soundcloud is a great option because it makes it easy to embed your tracks on blogs and social media sites. Bandcamp is another good one as it allows you to generate income. Fans can discover your music, then if they like it, pay an amount of money that you set to download the album. But to reach potential fans who aren’t already browsing sites like Bandcamp, you’ll need to keep publishing your songs on sites like YouTube and Vimeo to spread awareness and enthusiasm about your music.

How to Get on Internet Radio Stations and Streaming Services

Internet radio stations and streaming services are where most modern day music fans discover new artists. If you really want to build a serious following, getting your music on Spotify, Pandora or Tidal — ideally, all of the above — is crucial. Start by signing up with an online distribution service such as TuneCore or CD Baby. These artist-aggregators will get your songs onto all the best platforms and collect royalties on your behalf.

Find Your Fan Base

Marketing your music online can be tricky, but as long as you’re taking advantage of all the tools we’ve outlined here, you’re well on your way to success. Once you’ve mastered how to market your band on your own, you have the potential to reach everyone on the internet with your music.

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