How to Set Up Guitar Pedals – Infographics and Videos

Setting up guitar pedals is fairly simple assuming you just have one. However, when there are multiple FX pedals in the mix, you may need a little help. Here at Rivington Music, customers frequently ask us about boards and the cords to attach them together. Consequently, we were doing some research and found several incredibly useful guides to guitar pedals and set ups.

Websites with pedal infographics

This first one is from from Zing Instruments.  This guide is incredibly detailed and was so informative we wanted to share it with all of you.

The Insanely Useful Guide To Guitar Pedals

This next helpful post is from the good people at WikiHow. This informational webpage breaks down the correct way to assemble your pedal chain.They explain the best way to order your pedals and the reason why.
How to Set Up Guitar Pedals

Guitar world is a veritable wealth of all kinds of music knowledge. From picking out the best guitar for you, to tuning your favorite instrument or like this post about how to build a guitar pedal board, their site is full of pertinent info. A musician, Novice or expert, can spend hours going through their articles.
Guitar world’s How to building a guitar pedalboard

This comprehensive infographic from the website, Strymon is another great explanation of the how’s and why’s of your signal chain. They really explain the order each pedal should be in and the reason.
Setting Up Your Effect Signal Chain

Videos about setting up pedal boards

YouTube also has many videos regarding this topic. Any musician can go down the proverbial rabbit hole jumping from one video to the next. We did a basic search and came up with a ton. We decided to share a few of our favorites here.

First, by Music RadarMusicRadar Basics: how to set up a pedal board for your guitar effects

Second, by PMTVUK How To Set Up Your Pedalboard in 5 Minutes – Beginners Guide To Guitar Pedals

Rick BeatoHow To Build a Guitar Pedal Board

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