christmas decorations to go with top holidays songs from movies
As the holidays approach, we run headlong into those serialized holiday movie classics. What A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street  are great, but we live in modern times, and any top five list should encompass a wide range of media. In our Top Five Holiday Film Songs list, […]

The 5 Best Holiday Film Songs….Ever

So you’ve bought yourself a microphone. Now what? Is this the only piece in the puzzle you’ll need to get that studio quality recording? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Home recording has become increasingly popular. The wave of budget-friendly microphones being shipped over from China has only added fuel to […]

Beginner Microphone Tips You Can Use to Get The Best ...

how to play jazz guitar
One of the first things every aspiring jazz guitarist quickly realizes is that jazz is hard. Really hard. And once they realize what they’ve gotten themselves into they inevitably start looking for ‘The Secret’. That one scale, arpeggio or II-V-I that will make them a seasoned jazz man or jazz […]

How to Play Jazz Guitar for Beginners

Music is the language of the heart, but it can be challenging to speak it if you’re new to writing lyrics. Though lyrics may look deceptively simple when viewed “on paper,” so to speak, one soon discovers that getting them to flow correctly is a fine art. After all, we’ve […]

Lyric Writing 101: How to Write Lyrics for Beginners

how to find a singer for your band
Every member of the band brings an important element to the sound and overall performance. However, in almost every ensemble, it’s the singer that gets the most attention from the audience and serves as the face of the whole band. The singer’s vocal styles and stage presence will set the […]

How to Find Singers for Your Band

In the first of our new series we sit down with the members of Supervicious to get some insight into their world.   1- Who are you? How did your band/project get it’s name?   We are Supervicious. We chatted over drinks about a name and ran around with the […]

Rivington Music Band of The Month Interview: Supervicious

best free Metronome apps
The ability to stay on beat may be one of the less sexy elements of being a professional musician, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Rhythm comes more naturally to some people than others, but no one is perfect all the time — which is why the metronome […]

The Best Metronome Apps for Musicians & Bands

how to create the best setlist
The setlist determines not just what you’ll play at each gig, but how you’ll be remembered by your audience. A great live act with poor set planning risks losing the audience’s attention or failing to capture the right moments to let their songs shine. Some musicians like to wing it, […]

How to Create (and Remember) the Best Set List

5 Key Tips for Choosing a Perfect Guitar for Yourself
Whether you are shopping for your first guitar or one hundred and first, there are few simple “rules” or better say hacks you should follow. Remember, the instrument you choose will be by your side at least for a few months but more likely many years, so you should definitely […]

5 Key Tips for Choosing a Perfect Guitar for Yourself

First Time in a Pro Studio? Don’t Be Stupid!! Recording in a professional recording studio for the first time can be pretty intimidating. It’s the exact opposite experience of playing live and puts everything you do under a giant microscope. Add to this the fact that you and your band […]

Tips for Recording in a Pro Studio for The First ...

Musicians are all about their music. Unfortunately, you cannot live on artistic expression alone. In order to become a professional musician, you need to establish yourself as one first, and whether you consider it marketing or not, it is marketing. You need to market your music so that others will […]

8 Tips to creating an effective music marketing campaign

We all know what it’s like to go see a concert and feel totally blown away — not just by the artists’ ability or technical skills at playing their instruments and singing, but by the overall experience of the show. It’s the element that separates the experience of a live […]

How to Improve Your Stage Presence and Own the Stage

how to find a bass player
More cowbell is a matter of taste, but a band can’t go without a bass player. Providing the rhythmic backbone of your music, playing bass may not always be the most glamorous role, but there’s no question that it’s essential. If you’re having trouble finding a great bass player to […]

How to Find a Bass Player

The New York City Music Scene and How It Has Changed In 20 Years The music scene in New York City has long been known as a thriving bed for some of the biggest bands in the world. For years playing Madison Square Garden was seen as a career highlight […]

The New York City Music Scene and How It Has ...

best cover songs to play
At some point in their careers, every artist has to make a decision about playing cover songs. Should you devote yourself entirely to your own artistic vision and play strictly originals? Should you slip a few cover songs in here and there? Should you play only covers? Somewhere in the […]

Choosing the Best Cover Songs to Play

guitar tab resources for beginners
For any guitar player just starting out in his or her craft, it’s crucial to find good resources to help find new songs to play and learn. Playing scales all day isn’t much fun, and the importance of fun can’t be overestimated when it comes to learning a new instrument. […]

Free Guitar Tabs Resources for Beginners

how to learn drums if you play guitar
So you’ve decided to take the plunge because you just fancy a change, or perhaps your band could never find a reliable drummer in the past and you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands. You would describe yourself as a competent musician. You’ve been playing guitar for years, […]

How to Get Started Drumming if You’ve Only Ever Played ...

Getting your new band off the ground comes with all kinds of headaches and problems. Then, once you start being successful, that comes with even more. Though getting frequent gigs is the goal when you’re just starting off, once you hit this point with your band, you’ll have to figure […]

How to Get to the Gig: Transporting Gear & the ...