how to learn drums if you play guitar
So you’ve decided to take the plunge because you just fancy a change, or perhaps your band could never find a reliable drummer in the past and you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands. You would describe yourself as a competent musician. You’ve been playing guitar for years, […]

How to Get Started Drumming if You’ve Only Ever Played ...

Getting your new band off the ground comes with all kinds of headaches and problems. Then, once you start being successful, that comes with even more. Though getting frequent gigs is the goal when you’re just starting off, once you hit this point with your band, you’ll have to figure […]

How to Get to the Gig: Transporting Gear & the ...

Brooklyn has historically been a hotbed of musical creativity, regularly producing exciting new artists that go on to achieve international acclaim. Whether you’re looking for some new bands to check out around town or seeking inspiration for your own music, these four Brooklyn indie bands are definitely worthy of your […]

Best Brooklyn Rock & Indie Bands of Summer 2017

How to Promote Your Music & Band Successfully on the Internet
Making music is a great way to exercise your passions and express creativity. Creating original songs takes talent, originality and lots of practice and hard work — but if you ever want other people to hear your music, the job doesn’t end there. You don’t need to hire an agent […]

How to Promote Your Music & Band Successfully on the ...

Summer 2017 Outdoor Concerts in NYC
One of the biggest benefits to living in a large city like New York is the vast number of opportunities to catch live music. Throughout the year you can catch great world-class acts any night of the week, in venues across the city. But there’s no better time or place […]

Summer 2017 Outdoor Concerts in NYC

  Stringing a guitar is an integral part of guitar maintenance. The method of stringing a guitar is not that difficult but it should be done in the right way to prevent your guitar from going out of tune. Setting or changing the string on your guitar is definitely a […]

How to String a Guitar – Newbie Friendly Guide.

Recording your first demo can be daunting. In a world where first impressions matter, it’s important to put your best sound forward right from the beginning. By distributing a high-quality demo, you’ll have a much better chance of building a loyal fanbase and increase the number of people who come […]

Tips For Recording Your First Demo

We’ve all heard plenty about the big comeback of the vinyl record, in all its warm, scratchy, retro glory. But the record’s revival is old news by now. These days, it’s all about the cassette tape. Better load up your portable boombox with D batteries, because tapes are making a […]

The Great Cassette Tape Comeback:

how to set up your band practice room
Band practice is all about all of the members learning to work together, blend their sounds harmoniously, and play off of each other well. While your rehearsals should replicate a live performance in certain ways, the type of sound you want to achieve is not necessarily the same. Your biggest […]

How to Set Up the Perfect Band Rehearsal Space

how to make band practice more effective
As anyone who’s ever learned to play an instrument understands, practice makes perfect. As a band, regular rehearsal helps individual members to master the songs and improve upon their own skills, while tightening up the group as a whole and helping them learn to play together harmoniously. If you want […]

How to Make Band Rehearsals More Effective

Best Guitar Lessons in NYC
We can all agree that, as much as you can learn from blogs, and youtube, sometimes the guidance of a good teacher can be the difference between success and failure. When it comes to mastering the guitar or any instrument, the same applies. The tricky part is in a city […]

Top 5 Best Places to Take Guitar Lessons in NYC

Finding Gigs for Your New Band So you’ve got the band, you’ve got the sound, and you’ve got the songs. Ready to add some fans to the mix? Then it’s time to start getting your band gigs. Finding gigs can be a stressful and confusing process, particularly for a brand-new […]

Guide to Finding Gigs for New Bands in NYC

Tis the season again to either be merry and happy or want to crawl under a rock. Either way, it will probably be impossible to escape the christmas music blasting out of every available speaker everywhere. So, with that in mind, we bring you 5 Rock xmas tracks, so you […]

The Ultimate Top 5 Rock N’ Roll Christmas Songs

drum teacher respources
Our Favorite Free Resources for Drum Teachers Giving drum lessons is an exciting and rewarding activity, whether you’re teaching professionally, just earning a little extra cash on the side, or simply trying to inspire the next generation of drummers. It can also be a difficult task. Knowing how to play […]

Helpful Resources for Drum Teachers

Choosing an audio interface for your home studio is one important task you need to carry out. Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Audio Interface? Simply because your choice will go a long way in determining the quality of your sound output. You might have the best microphone […]

How to Choose an Audio Interface for Your Home Studio

Dance Like No One’s Listening: The Rise of the Silent Disco  Picture this: you’re in a tent with hundreds of other partygoers, everyone bobbing their heads, waving their arms, and gyrating their bodies to the same beat. A DJ in the corner is pumping out house beats with a turntable […]

What is Silent Disco: A Brief History & The Rise ...

The headphone industry in total is currently evaluated at around $11 billion annually, and is expected to grow to $17 billion by 2022. This means that for emerging headphone and personal audio brands there’s still time and room to get in on the action. That is, if you can make a […]

Infographic: What Makes The Perfect In-Ear Headphones The “best”

If you’re a musician, recording your music might be one of your dreams. While a recording studio is ideal, you might rule it out for different reasons. Maybe it’s expensive, or maybe it’s far from home. Maybe a studio makes you nervous. Whatever your reasons are, it’s okay. You can […]

Tips to Improve Your Home Recordings