Should You Record Your Music DIY or in a Professional Studio? Exciting new advances in technology are revolutionizing many creative fields and helping amateurs feel like experts. It’s tempting to consider yourself a master photographer just because you have Instagram installed on your iPhone; equally appealing is the idea of skipping […]

The Pros and Cons of Pro Recording: DIY vs Studio

How to Play Fast Blues Licks on Guitar More blues licks Check them out at their website   Ever want to learn how to play fret burning fast licks like Stevie Ray, and Joe Bonamassa? We’ll if you’ve been practicing your scales like good little boys and girls, this video […]

How to Play Fast Blues Licks on Guitar Like Stevie ...

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Best Small Music Venues in the Big Apple Being a native New Yorker, we are used to a plethora of grand slam music venues. Some so big that the electricity from the crowd capacity alone can light up the Empire State building. Sound temples like Radio City or a concert […]

Best NYC Small Music Venues

Best Music Stores NYC: Best Records Stores in Manhattan and Beyond Contrary to popular belief record stores have not crawled up and died; over 9.2 million records were sold in U.S. In 2014 more than triple the amount sold in 2009, die-hard music fans still and will always have a craving for […]

Best Music Stores NYC: Record Shops In NYC Buyers Guide

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Best Live Music NYC: Best Indie Venues Besides having an abundance of venues, stadiums and clubs to visit and perform on, NY is more than a stage for great acts it is also a birthplace for new talent. All over the city, we find an entire host of talented artist […]

Best Live Music NYC: Indie Venues You Have To Check ...

New York City is the world’s financial capital, but is also famous worldwide for its music and dance culture. There’s fairly massive number of bars and clubs are spread all over five boroughs with many of them located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but when it comes to choosing the right […]

5 of The Best Local Music Venues in Lower Manhattan

Recording Studio Mistakes Bands Make At TracksNY I see artists and musicians on a constant basis trying to work around assumptions that are only prohibiting them. Here are 3 common phrases I’ve heard at the studio. 1) “We don’t want to lose the feel of the song, the click will […]

3 Mistakes Bands Make Coming Into a Recording Studio

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Gotta keep up with the times so here it is our very own blog for Rivington Music. Of course this is where you’ll find the latest and greatest news on the rehearsal space but we’re also going to leave it open for contributors. This means if you have a blog […]

Yep, Rivington Music Now Has a Blog.