best guitar solos of all time
Ahh, the guitar solo, the key element in any raging rock tune. The guitar solo is the most compact and often most dramatic part of a song. Every professional guitar player has their own particular approach and character. That is to say, no two solos sound the same. Regardless, not […]

The Five Best Guitar Solos of All Time

christmas decorations to go with top holidays songs from movies
As the holidays approach, we run headlong into those serialized holiday movie classics and their holiday songs. What A Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street  are great, but we live in modern times, and any top five list should encompass a wider range of movies. For the Top Five […]

5 Best Holiday Songs on film….Ever

We’ve heard plenty about the big comeback of vinyl records, in all its warm, scratchy, retro glory. With that being said, the record’s revival is old news. These days, it’s all about the cassette tape comeback. Load your portable boombox with D batteries because tapes are making a serious comeback. […]

The Great Cassette Tape Comeback:
How to improve your home recordings… If you’re a musician, recording your music might be one of your dreams. While a recording studio is ideal, you might rule it out for different reasons. Maybe it’s expensive, or maybe it’s far from home. Maybe a studio makes you nervous. Whatever your […]

RMRS on Tips to Improve Home Recordings