Rivington Music Band of The Month Interview: Supervicious

In the first of our new band of the month series we sit down with the members of Supervicious to get some insight into their world.


1- Who are you? How did your band/project get it’s name?


We are Supervicious. We chatted over drinks about a name and ran around with the idea of Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious mixed with Syd Vicious


2- What kind of music do you play?


Modern Indie Synth-infused Post Punk Rock


3- How did your band/project start?


Mats the drummer wanted to play. ILan joined in. Jonas used to come in with beers and sit around until one day he brought in this Roland Drum Machine and plugged it into a bass amp.


4- If you could play a show with any other band in the world.. Who would that be?


Nine Inch Nails possibly, one with that kind of high energy.


5- For how long have you been rehearsing at RMRS?


Going on 2 years a a whole band. More than 4 years as other projects.


6- What do you want people to feel when they see you play live?




Extra- Any upcoming shows? And new releases?


We are currently extremely involved finishing our debut album for release later this year.


Check out our Band of the Month – Supervicious – video for Apparatus

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