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Support Indie Labels & Your Favorite Artists – online!

Creating music takes time, effort and let’s face it, some monetary expense. As you know, 2020 has been a hard year for many artists and their labels. Gigs were canceled and the factories producing their goods ie; physical music copies and merch, shut down. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning. If you miss independent music and want it to stay around, you’ll need to support indie labels and your favorite artists now!

Assistance is now more valuable than ever

The smallest action such as a simple click of your mouse can mean a lot to your favorite artist or Indie label! Make your support known to the labels, artists, and bands you like! Here is a to-do quick list aimed at backing anyone and everyone. We aren’t mentioning any particular labels or artists, however, it applies to all of them.

There are many ways to assist. So, we’re limiting it to online methods dividing them between free and paid options.

Free options:

  • Bandcamp – create an account, follow your artists/labels, sign up for the email lists.
  • Go to the label/artist’s web and sign up for their mailing list.
  • Social media – Follow the accounts of bands/labels. Regularly interact and like their posts. It’s very important to make algorithms work in their favor by sharing their content. Instagram Stories, Facebook Posts, Tik Tok videos, everything counts!
  • Video streaming platforms such as Youtube, Twitch and even Facebook. Hit the play button on your favorite artist’s content. Every play helps out by generating revenue and making the content more important in the media algorithms.
  • Music Streaming platforms. Listen to their music! Each play generates revenue whether it’s Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Pandora. On platforms such as youtube, comment, like, and subscribe. On streaming platforms, follow the artist and like the songs.
    Try this super hack – overnight play sessions are great for algorithms and potential revenue!
    1) Play a track by your favorite artist on your favored streaming platform, then put it on repeat.
    2) Turn the volume down. Go to sleep.
    3) Your computer should keep on playing regardless of the screen going to sleep. This can add a good hundred or so plays to the count!
    Not only helping the artists with money, but also getting them a better position on an algorithm-based playlist!

Payment based options:

  • Buy the stuff! All labels, bands, musicians and artists have their creative efforts for sale. Buy physical copies of music, prints of the art, merch, and don’t forget the knickknacks!
    Vinyl is both a fantastic way to show support and get amazing audio quality to boot. Wearing a t-shirt turns you into a walking billboard for your favorite band. If an artist doesn’t have a website, look for them on Bandcamp. There you can buy their merch and music!
    By the way, there were many artists and bands that had stuff like t-shirts printed for tours that are no longer happening. This means they could be selling them at a discount. Super important – Please make sure to buy everything directly from the artists and labels!
  • Buy raffle tickets! Many labels and bands are doing this kind of thing to raise funds to stay afloat.
  • Pay for online tickets. Yeah, paying to watch a concert online is nowhere as good as the real-life version, but at the moment, it is the only way to see your favorite artists.Check with Brooklyn Vegan and Billboard to keep up to date with what’s going on.
  • Donate! GoFundMe’s aplenty! Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal… Pretty much all artists now have an account. Each dollar donated helps make up for lost concert revenue. Some sites like LostMyGig, list artists and music pros that are short on business, in case you want to help out. Also, here’s Goldstar’s list of hundreds of live venues and event producers that also need support.
  • Donate to non-profits dedicated to helping music industry professionals which includes artists and labels. The Recording Academy (aka the Grammys) is working with its non-profit arm, MusiCares to help as many music industry workers as possible. Not to be outdone, the Jazz Foundation has its own COVID-19 Musicians’ Emergency Fund.

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