Rivington Music reopening

Welcome back to Rivington Music…safely.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous throughout the world. New York City has been especially hard hit. Now, there’s a possible end to quarantine in sight and Rivington Music has been getting ready to welcome you back to the studios!

RMRS has not been idle during the shutdown!
We’ve been a loud and musical place for over 30 years. Not having guests in our studios is a weird feeling for us. However, this shutdown allowed us to give the studios a really deep clean. We’ve repainted every studio, hallway and bathroom in the building. We had the carpets professionally cleaned as well as sanitized all the equipment. If you look up the definition of “pristine” you’ll see a picture of RMRS.

Above all, as a business offering an hourly service, our first reopening question was how do we keep RMRS clean and safe for our customers?

To that end, we’ve listed some of the steps we’re taking to maintain protected and hygienic studios. We will be following and exceeding all safety and cleanliness measures expected by the New York City and the State of NY.

We will sanitize!
As everyone knows, this virus can stay on surfaces for a while. As a result, the RMRS staff will wipe equipment down between sessions. Each studio will be provided sanitized microphone covers for all mics to minimize contact. Guests also have the option of being extra thorough by borrowing a spray bottle of disinfectant available in the office. Door handles and other surfaces prone to contact will also be wiped down regularly.
The Boston Health Commission gave us some handy rules to follow.

No-touch payment!
As you all know, we’re one of the few studios in NY that has an easy to use online booking calendar. We encourage our guests to book their sessions using that service. This way, when guests arrive, they’ll know exactly which studio to head to. We also list all bookings on a white board outside the office to help speed up the process! For those wanting to book over the phone or in person, contactless payment is available in the office. Of course, we will be still taking cash for those guests that like it old school.

Cover up!
For safety sake, it will be necessary for all guests to follow NY State precautions. This means anyone coming into the studios will be required to wear a mask. This is for your safety as well as for your fellow musicians.

Communication is key!
In the first few weeks Rivington Music will be open on a limited basis. However, we’re more than happy to try and accommodate requests or answer questions and/or concerns regarding everyone’s safety. Get in touch via our website or by email. Also, check our FAQ page for up-to-date times/deals and coupons/information. Let us know how we can help, after all, we’re in this together!

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