Want to Become a RMRS Blog Contributor?

sound-studo-393042_1920How to Contribute to RMRS?

If you’re interested in writing for our blog please email johndavidmorabito [ at ] gmail.com with your pitches for posts. Must be music related. Your writing must be 100% on point, grammatically perfect, and  most of all interesting. Your post MUST add unique value and insights. We’re not looking for the same old stuff re-spun.

Post must be non promotional in nature, 600 words or more. You may link to other relevant resources.

ALL PITCHES/COMPLETED POSTS MUST BE SENT WITH THE SUBJECT LINE “RMRS GUEST BLOG”. If not, I will NOT read your pitch, even if you’re the pope. We prefer to review final articles vs lists of pitches as we get a lot of these weekly.

Editors Tip:  DO NOT LIE TO US IN YOUR PITCH. Lately we get a lot of pitches from SEO agencies pretending to be “freelance writers just looking to build their brand”. Firstly, SEO’s shame on you. This is why we can’t have nice things. Secondly, We’re on to you, and anyone caught doing this will have their post / pitch directed to the trash.

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