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drum teacher respources
Our Favorite Free Resources for Drum Teachers Giving drum lessons is an exciting and rewarding activity. Whether you’re teaching professionally or earning a little extra cash, you can inspire a new generation of drummers. It can also be a difficult task. Knowing how to play the drums yourself is obviously […]

Helpful Resources for Drum Teachers
How to improve your home recordings… If you’re a musician, recording your music might be one of your dreams. While a recording studio is ideal, you might rule it out for different reasons. Maybe it’s expensive, or maybe it’s far from home. Maybe a studio makes you nervous. Whatever your […]

RMRS on Tips to Improve Home Recordings

Classic movies like Almost Famous and our society’s general obsession with fame and the rock and roll lifestyle has given us an impression of the roadie life. It’s considered glamorous, thrilling and a constant adventure. We picture people partying hard with rock stars. We imagine them jet setting around the […]

Tour Life: What It’s Really Like, Roadie Life

Free Concerts in NYC: Summer 2016
Top Free Concerts in NYC Summer 2016 When it comes to arts and culture, New York City is surely the greatest city in the world. Best of all, to score tickets to some great shows this season, you won’t need to break the bank. You won’t even need to open […]

Free Concerts in NYC: Summer 2016

plan your bands tour
The thrill of planning that first tour will likely resonate in any musician’s heart forever. Sure, the first tour is rarely completely smooth or without problems, hahaha…same goes for tours number two, three, four… However, downsides included, nothing competes with the feeling of being on the road with your band. […]

Planning Your Band’s First Tour

How to Play Fast Blues Licks on Guitar More blues licks Check them out at their website Ever want to learn how to play fret burning fast licks like Stevie Ray, and Joe Bonamassa? We’ll if you’ve been practicing your scales like good little boys and girls, this video tutorial […]

How to Play Fast Blues Licks on Guitar Like Stevie ...