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5 Great Places for Vocal Lessons in NYC

You’ve decided to take the plunge by taking vocal lessons. It will be a surefire way to improve your vocal performance. It will help you understand the mechanics of vocalizing, and explore the possibilities of your particular voice.

Many people consider taking vocal lessons as a way to sharpen their skills or develop their talents from scratch. While some people are embarrassed to take vocal lessons, remember this—nearly all your favorite singers have taken vocal lessons.

With the desire to improve your vocal capabilities, you have everything you need to get started. Rivington Music has compiled a list of five useful vocal lesson destinations with different ideas in mind. Whether you’re an experienced vocalist who wants to sharpen their skill or someone who is just starting out, New York City offers tons of options. The only thing you have left to do is decide what you truly need.

1. Vocal Workout Singing School

We included Vocal Workout Singing School because of their sheer range of services. Covering all vocal skill levels from beginner to expert, the vocal coaches here are by all accounts at the top of their field.  

Additional services are also offered at the school including private lessons, songwriting seminars, and “Vocal Yoga” which teaches breathing and tone techniques through 12 basic yoga positions. The options here are almost limitless.

2. Voice Academy NYC

Voice Academy makes our list chiefly because of their focus on group and children’s classes, as well as the offerings for international showcases.  

Vocal group classes are an excellent way to break the ice with new people, as well as learn in a supportive environment. With backing tracks and a great view of the city, the vocal group lesson feels more like an interesting night out.

Voice Academy NYC also stresses affordability on its website which for many is an important consideration. Many people who offer lessons will charge a premium price for their individualized services. If you’re looking for cheap vocal lessons, definitely give Voice Academy NYC a call.

3. New York Vocal Coaching

This company makes the list because of their 12-week comprehensive course. “The Voice Lessons to the World,” course brings you through an exhaustive and intensive journey through beginner, intermediate, advanced and master techniques. Many testimonials stress how this single class changed the game for them more than any other regimen could have achieved.  

New York Vocal Coaching’s credentials are also top-notch. Justin Stoney is an internationally-renowned vocal coach. He has been featured on several major television networks and is the subject of countless articles. Also, major entertainment names, like Wings and Monk star Tony Shalhoub, wrote rave reviews of Stoney’s work. You can read these on their website.

4. Krowne Vocal School NYC

Krowne Vocal School NYC is included in this list because of their range of particular services. This school stresses their focus on personalized lessons and technique improvement regimens. They cover nearly all facets of vocal improvement, from vocal “cracking” to staying in key.

There are price breaks for signing up for multiple classes which many parents and young people find an important consideration. We believe Krowne Vocal School is one of the best values in the city.

5. Karen Nimearala

We included Karen Nimearala because, quite simply, her accomplishments in the field. Studying under Maestro Franco Corelli—one of the most well-renowned tenors in history—we can confidently say Nimearala truly knows her stuff. From her range as an opera and jazz singer to her work in musical theater, Nimearala offers truly expert skill.

With that skill comes serious exclusivity. An award-winning singer in her own right, she has experience few people in the vocal world possess. To put it in perspective, Sting—you know, from The Police?—was one of her students.

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