5 Key Tips for Choosing a Perfect Guitar for Yourself

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Guitar

Whether you are shopping for your first guitar or one hundred and first, there are few simple “rules” or better say hacks to follow for choosing the perfect guitar. Remember, the instrument will be by your side for at least a few months but more likely many years, so you should definitely make a wise and calculated decision. Buying a guitar that is supposed to serve you right instead of just being a fancy decoration on your wall, should never be the result of impulsive shopping.

Try out as many guitars as you can

The guitar you decide on has to be fully inspected and adjusted for accuracy in intonation, tuning, tone production and easy playability. Make sure you get the facts before you make a purchase. Ask as many questions as you can and read the reviews. If you are a first-time buyer, bring someone more experienced with you to help you with your choice.

If you already have enough experience with playing, you can inspect the instrument yourself. In both cases, poorly constructed or an incorrectly set up guitar will destroy the enjoyment, slow down the process of learning and affect your technique development.

Choose the right kind of guitar

If you want to stay motivated for playing, don’t go with one type of guitar for learning and then switch to another. Buy the guitar you want. You can choose acoustic, electric, classical or bass and also nylon or steel strings. A technical approach to every single one of them is different, so if you master the art of playing on one of them, no one guarantees you will be just as skillful on the guitar of some other type.

Pick your style. Think about the type of music you would like to play and then search for guitars that are suitable for that genre. Different type of guitars suits metal or jazz music, for example.

Size matters too

Learning how to play guitar or being an experienced or even professional player means having hours and hours of daily practice. This is why your instrument has to be comfortable enough. Too large guitar will be difficult to reach with both of your hands properly.

If you have to raise your arms as high as your shoulders to reach over the instrument, it is definitely too big for you. This pose will only become painful as the time passes. Also, it will additionally stretch your muscles creating an issue as you try to move your fingers on the fingerboard properly.

Don’t be stingy

If you are shopping on a tight budget, waiting few more months and saving more money would be a good idea. With guitars, it is usually “you get what you pay for.” Cheap instruments often have problems with adjustability and playability.

Every price tag and advertisement that promises high quality for the amazingly low amount of money, should be avoided. Some sales and discounts are okay, but as soon as you notice a great difference between the value of the product and its selling price, forget about it and consider more realistic offers.

Choose by quality, not by name

A brand name doesn’t guarantee the quality. Major brand name companies invest a lot of money in advertising which increases the price of their instruments. Also, they specialize in high priced professional guitars. On the other hand, smaller brand name companies often focus on entry and intermediate level instruments, which is exactly what you need.

If you decide to go with some famous brand you might end up spending more money on the same or even poorer quality product. It is important to remember that even if your favorite guitarist plays certain branded guitar on stage, it doesn’t mean that he/she uses it personally for everyday practice. This is just an effective marketing tool that major companies use to attract more buyers.

The list is pretty simple. Keep these five things in mind and you’ll have no problem choosing the perfect guitar for you.

Once you get your guitar, you can start having guitar lessons, whether you are a beginner, experienced, or an expert.

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