Best Brooklyn Rock & Indie Bands of Summer 2017

Brooklyn, historically a hotbed of musical creativity, regularly produces exciting new artists that go on to achieve international acclaim. Seeking inspiration for your own music or looking for new bands to check out? These four Brooklyn indie bands are definitely worthy of your attention.

Their diverse styles feature unique sounds while calling back to former musical eras, be it 80s style synths or early-aughts crunchy guitar riffs. Look them up now while you can still catch a set in an intimate local venue. These Brooklyn bands, many of which are already touring nationally, will be blowing up in the next few years.

Read on for a roundup of our favorite acts from the Brooklyn music scene in 2017!

VHS Collection

This Brooklyn based synth rocker trio are putting out a highly-anticipated record in summer of 2017. Following that, they’ll kick off a North American tour. They are buoyed in part by a collaboration with London-based producer Chris Zane, who previously worked with Passion Pit, St. Lucia and Friendly Fires. There’s a clear connection between their sound and that of Zane’s other electro-pop projects. VHS Collection stands out with their lyrical depth and is known for high-energy live performances, however. The band formed officially in 2014, but its members grew up together and have been making music together since adolescence.

Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss is another product of the Brooklyn music scene that’s on a fast track to success. They’re appreciated for putting on “a heck of a live show” as well as their honest yet surreal songwriting. The female fronted indie pop rock quartet produces tunes with callbacks to Weezer and other great indie rockers from the 90s and early 2000s. The four band members have been in some way connected since childhood (two members are siblings). They have followed a long and meandering path to the release of their first full-length record, Guppy. Catch them this summer somewhere along their East Coast tour.

Wilder Maker

The four-piece Brooklyn band, Wilder Maker has a way of defying explanation. Critics frequently reach for words like “bizarre,” “unique” and “idiosyncratic” when describing them. These experimental indie rockers write laid-back, lackadaisically paced tunes. They strum along with simple, jangly guitar riffs peppered by unexpected bursts of saxophone, fuzzy distortion and beautifully layered vocal harmonies. Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Gabriel Birnbaum has earned acclaim for his evocative lyrics, so pay attention to the words — as easy as it is to get lost in the dreamy haze of their melodies. Pick up Wilder Maker’s release New Streets, available as a digital download or on vinyl from Saddle Creek.

The Undercover Dream Lovers

Endlessly smooth, slightly psychedelic and more than a little sexy, The Undercover Dream Lovers are one of the brightest Brooklyn bands of 2017. A dreamy, understated indie rock solo project by Brooklyn based artist/producer Matt Koenig, he channels the echo-y vibes of early Beach House. He infuses it with the occasional funky influence, and packages the whole thing in lots of reverb and intriguingly meandering melodies. Catch the Lovers live (when Koenig performs alongside Sarah Galdes and Galen Gatzke) around New York City at venues such as Brooklyn Bowl.

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