Best Guitar Lessons in NYC

Top 5 Places to Take Guitar Lessons in NYC

We all agree you can learn a lot from blogs and youtube. However, sometimes the guidance of a good teacher can be the difference between success and failure. When it comes to mastering the guitar or any instrument, the same applies. There are 100’s of guitar teachers in a city like New York City. Where do you turn for lessons, one might ask? Finding the right guitar teacher may be difficult.  We’ve had enough first-hand experience, at Rivington Music, with NYC’s guitarists to know the top teachers and music schools. Check out our list of the best places to take guitar lessons.

1. Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar

Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar - NYC Guitar Player

Dan Smith is an NYC guitar player who promoted himself in the city.

If you have ever hung out in lower Manhattan in the last 8 or so years, there’s a really good chance you’ve seen this guy’s flyers touting “Dan Smith will teach you guitar”. Beyond being a grassroots marketing virtuoso, Dan Smith is a really talented guitarist and educator with a proven track record of helping students learn guitar. He even puts out really quality youtube videos. Dan Smith offers guitar lessons for everyone from kids to adults, and beginner to seasoned pros and covers a variety of styles including rock, blues, folk, and country.

2. Astoria Music

Astoria Music NYC

Astoria Music is located in Astoria at 34-17 28th Avenue. They’ve been serving NYC musician since 1922 with sales, repairs, and lessons. While they are known for the guitar lessons they offer they are also known for lessons on bass guitar, piano, bouzouki, and violin. Guitar lessons are taught by Brian Billings. Brian is a guitarist & educator who holds both, a Bachelors of Music Performance, and a dual Master’s Degree in special and childhood education which means he is great with kids.

3. Williamsburg School of Music

Williamsburg School of Music - Guitar Lessons NYC

You can take guitar lessons at the Williamsburg School of Music in NYC.

Just a short trip over the bridge from Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios, Williamsburg School of Music is run by a music-loving father and son team that offer aspiring musicians lessons on a wide array of instruments including guitar. They even offer special classes for kids to get experience playing in ensembles and performing live.

4. Guitar Lessons with Joff Wilson

Guitar Lessons with Joff Wilson - NYC guitar teacher

Joff Wilson is an NYC guitar teacher and player who caters to people of all ages.

Joff offers lessons either in your home or our of his home studio. With over 15 years of teaching, and having formerly taught at Fred Costello Music School Joff brings to the table some great experience.
His teaching style is patient and simple for all ages. He offers guitar lessons covering Folk, Blues, Rock, Punk and more. At $30.00 per 1-hour session, he’s also really affordable. Outcalls available too.

5. New York City Guitar School

New York City Guitar School - NYC Guitar Lessons

You can also take guitar lessons at New York City Guitar School.

New York City Guitar School offers guitar lessons for a range of skill levels from total beginner to seasoned pro’s who want to learn something new. With over 57 reviews on Yelp and a 5-star overall rating, it’s safe to say the students of this place love it. While they have great ratings, you can either buy a trial class at $50-$60, or a block of 10 classes at $319, which means you’re locked into at least a couple months of lessons. Given the great reviews, number of locations, and experienced teachers, it’s clearly worth the expense. While the trial class may be more at $31.90 per class in the 10 pack their rates are actually really great. Just make sure you’re ready to take 10 lessons!

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