Best Music NYC: Record Stores In NYC Buyers Guide

Best Music NYC: Best Record Stores in Manhattan and Beyond

Contrary to popular belief record stores have not curled up and died. In 2014 over 9.2 million records were sold in the U.S., more than triple the amount sold in 2009. Die-hard music fans still and always will, have a craving for the good stuff. From collectible records to the dollar bin, we have Rivington Music’s list of the best record stores in NYC.

Other Music – 15 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003

Other Music has stood the test of time for 18 years. They’ve outlasted their neighboring store, corporate big brother, Tower Records (RIP). Other Music houses a vast selection of experimental jazz, indies rock, heavy metal and electronica. The staff’s music knowledge is up to date and vast. They put the finishing touches on an already beautiful cake. UPDATE: As of June,2016, Other Music closed it’s brick-and-mortar location and has gone to strictly online sales. Another sad day in NYC.

The Thing -1001 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Located on Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn, we find ourselves in The Thing. To the casual buyer, the mess can look as ugly as the 1982 movie by the same name. For musical connoisseurs, the thrift shop appeal of digging for gold is part of the establishments magic. Head downstairs to the basement to see the wonder of thousands of records. After digging and finding that dream record stack, $2 (what!!!) a record will sound like music to your ears. Oh, and trust us, after combing through 20,000 records you will feel like you earned it.

Academy Records & CD – 12 W. 18th st, NYC 10011

Since 1977, Academy Records has stood out by specialization, a secret success ingredient shared by most great record shops. The heart of this store, among vast amounts of other genres, has been the classical music section. No need to second-guess the quality of the records here. Thanks to the fabulous owners and staff you can rest assured the product is top notch.Check them out.
BTW: This is different than the East Village and Greenpoint stores that go by the same name.

Rough Trade NYC – 64 North 9th Street Brooklyn, NYC 11249

This U.K based establishment was created to promote the most promising Indie Artists on the scene at the time. In the back of the store, a sacred performance auditorium allows new talent to grace its stage, showing us they have what it takes. The atmosphere is gritty and dope. Rough Trade has been keeping it real and doesn’t plan on changing.

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