Best music venues in williamsburg

A Guide to the Best Brooklyn Music Venues – Williamsburg Edition

Regarding the best Brooklyn music venues, Williamsburg has carved itself a niche in terms of live music. Local legends and nationally-renowned greats alike take to the Brooklyn neighborhood’s hallowed venues in hopes of expanding their reach and playing to more intimate audiences.

Based on the caliber of entertainment, ability to be a definitive spot for a specific genre, and more, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the five best music venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right now.

1. St. Mazie – 345 Grand Street

When it comes to blues, jazz, and other American art forms, St. Mazie takes the cake. With incredibly talented musicians from the world over marking St. Mazie as a destination, you’re sure to witness truly hard-hitting music almost every night of the week.

St. Mazie is also known for their cocktail list and food menu, making this Grand Street spot an excellent choice for a first, third, or 50th date. Throw in Flamenco Night and a well-attended Sunday Jazz Brunch, and you’ve got yourself a world-class venue with an intimate appeal.

2. Music Hall of Williamsburg – 66 N 6th Street

By the time you’re reading this, indie greats like Twin Shadow and Calexico, along with modern comedic geniuses like Illana Glazer & Phoebe Robinson will have come through. A large hall-style venue, the Music Hall of Williamsburg is one of the prime spots for live entertainment.

The open concept makes this a great place equally for a rocking hardcore show and intimate gathering of quieter fare. With tickets not typically reaching above $30, you also won’t break the bank on getting in. With a full bar, the Music Hall of Williamsburg is a great spot to see your new favorite band.

3. Baby’s All Right – 146 Broadway

This place has character—quite literally. Awash in a manga theme and a mesmerizing stage display, Baby’s All Right is perhaps the best spot for some of the most eclectic live music in the area.

With a full bar and food menu—for both the price-conscious and big spenders—Baby’s All Right is an incredible spot to sip on an “Ai Weiwei” while catching a band you might have never heard of before. You’ll definitely walk out want to frequent Baby’s All Right.

4. The Knitting Factory – 361 Metropolitan Ave

DJ nights. Comedy. Eclectic music. Themed era-tribute nights. The Knitting Factory literally has everything you could want in a bustling Brooklyn-area venue. In operation since 1987, the former factory space has become a brand in and of itself, expanding to several venues across the country, and the permanent production stage for the acclaimed musical “Fela!”

But beyond that, the equipment here is top-notch—lending itself to seriously quality sound. A large space for raucous rocking nights, and great lighting for ambient and more downtempo entertainment, The Knitting Factory is bringing a badly-needed, high-end stage for a mix of all things entertainment.

5. Union Pool – 484 Union Ave.

With the warmer months upon us, Union Pool is the place to be. An open-concept with intimate lantern lighting, Union Pool is perhaps the coolest place to catch some of today’s hottest indie acts around.

For food, look no further than El Diablo Tacos. Right in Union Pool’s backyard, this place serves up scrumptious Mexican food and drinks perfect for cheersing a margarita in the warm weather. Couple great sound and some amazing ambiance, Union Pool is a definite “don’t miss” of the Williamsburg music scene.

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