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best cover songs to play
At some point in their career, every artist has to make the decision about playing cover songs. Should you devote yourself entirely to your own artistic vision and strictly play originals? Could you slip a few cover songs in here and there? Maybe you should only play covers? Somewhere in […]

Choosing the Best Cover Songs to Play

Brooklyn, historically a hotbed of musical creativity, regularly produces exciting new artists that go on to achieve international acclaim. Seeking inspiration for your own music or looking for new bands to check out? These four Brooklyn indie bands are definitely worthy of your attention. Their diverse styles feature unique sounds […]

Best Brooklyn Rock & Indie Bands of Summer 2017

Summer 2017 Outdoor Concerts in NYC
One of the biggest benefits to living in a large city like New York is the vast number of opportunities to catch live music. Throughout the year, across the city, you can catch great world-class acts any night of the week. However, there’s no better time or place for live […]

2017 Summer Outdoor NYC Concerts

Classic movies like Almost Famous and our society’s general obsession with fame and the rock and roll lifestyle has given us an impression of the roadie life. It’s considered glamorous, thrilling and a constant adventure. We picture people partying hard with rock stars. We imagine them jet setting around the […]

Tour Life: What It’s Really Like, Roadie Life

Free Concerts in NYC: Summer 2016
Top Free Concerts in NYC Summer 2016 When it comes to arts and culture, New York City is surely the greatest city in the world. Best of all, to score tickets to some great shows this season, you won’t need to break the bank. You won’t even need to open […]

Free Concerts in NYC: Summer 2016

Small Music Venues header live instrument
Best Small Music Venues in the Big Apple Being a native New Yorker, we are used to a plethora of grand slam music venues. Some so big that the electricity from the crowd capacity alone can light up the Empire State building. Sound temples like Radio City or a concert […]

Best NYC Small Music Venues