What Makes The Perfect In-Ear Headphones The “best”

The headphone industry is currently evaluated at around $11 billion annually, and is expected to grow to $17 billion by 2022. This means for emerging headphone and personal audio brands there’s still time and room to get in on the action. That is, if you can make a product users love and influencers love even more. A Forbes study shows that 9 out of 10 users watch videos about the tech products they buy. Youtube and blogger influencers are driving many of the sales. With that being said, we thought it would be cool to see what they look for in a pair of in-ear headphones.

Things Tech Reviewers and Audiophiles Consider When Buying In-Ear Headphones

Sound quality and comfort remain the top two considerations. “Full-size” headphones still have many user and influencer fans, but the in-ear headphone is coming up strong. A wow factors popular with consumers and testers, wired or wireless headphones. This choice often takes center stage as the prime consideration once the first two vital needs are satisfied.

Along with quality sound and comfort, consumers should be skeptical about buying “cheap” headphones. Low cost headphones typically fall flat at delivering high-quality sound and comfort. Serious gamers also prefer wired-over-ear headphones so they needn’t worry about dead batteries in the middle of a critical “battle.”

Other important wow factors include noise cancelling properties, durability, and, sometimes, reliable Bluetooth connectivity. Another desired feature for full-size headphones is their ability to fold flat for increased portability.

Ear tip options are important for both comfort and sound quality. Generally only the most expensive earphones deliver the sound quality of over- or on-ear headphones. And while they have little to no noise cancelling properties, they are eminently portable (their biggest feature). Walkers, runners, and workout warriors want earbuds that stay attached regardless of the intensity of their activities.

The Headphone Market Explosion

Cost will always be a buying-decision motivator since millions of people now get their “music fix” from smartphones and tablets. We are sure the in-ear headphone will increase in popularity and the headphone market explode in the future.

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